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Brigham Larson Pianos

Most of the detail will be in the video I submit - but I am a semi-professional musician who spent a lot of my time on my family piano learning to play and learning to love music, eventually branching out and learning the saxophone and other woodwind instruments. I got a minor in music at BYU. In the background of the video, you'll hear Clair de Lune (by Claude Debussy), I'm actually the one playing in the recording (although unfortunately, it's not on our family piano).
Again, there will be more detail in my video, but the short version is this: my grandparents bought it in the late 1950s from an older couple for my mom and her siblings to learn on. When my parent got married in the late 1970s, my grandmother said she would gift it to my mother when they bought a house, and in the mid-to-late 1980s when our family moved into a house, the piano became a major fixture of our home. My brothers and I learned how to play on that piano. I ended up become a fairly prolific musician because of my time spent learning and loving to play on the piano, and participated in a lot of groups in high school and college. I want the same for my children, so when my mother offered the piano to me, I realized it needed a bit of love in order to sound like it should.

  • YEAR 1900-1910
  • MAKE Professional Musician Wants to Restore Grandmother's Piano!
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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