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Kristina has had her piano for several years. It was given to her used by a Merrifield who knew how badly she had been wanting a piano, and she has loved it, played it, and done her best for it. She's a disabled veteran, so she's moved a few times with the piano, but it was already in poor shape when she got it. Kristina immediately had the piano tuned and given a little TLC when she first got it years ago. Since then, she has done everything she can to keep the piano playing, even though she doesn't have near enough money to restore it. Her husband and other family members have tried telling her to get rid of it because it's in such poor shape, but she loves it, and will not give up on it as long as it plays. The piano is something she hopes to pass down to her son, and him to his children, and so on. She's been doing her best to treat it well, but funds have been really tight, especially with her husband's ex constantly filing things against them in the courts regarding the children. Kristina just loves this piano so much, and has wanted to see it restored for so long, but every time she starts to save, that money has to go to something else for her family. Currently, her family is dealing with a flood they had upstairs, so they're having to go through the arduous process of insurance claims and redoing the flooring upstairs. Thankfully, the piano wasn't affected by the water other than needing to be moved, but I know that having her piano restored will give her some peace of mind.

  • YEAR 1950-1960
  • MAKE Disabled Veteran Kristina Fights to Restore Her Beloved Piano Amid Life's Challenges!
  • FINISH Black / Ebony
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