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My name is Mary Alice Collins (1934-present). I am the great grandaughter of George Q Cannon. George Q Cannon (1827-1901) was a legendary leader in Utah and in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He went on a boat from here to Hawaii with a group of Mormon missionaries. That excursion led to years of living with and loving the native Hawaiian people. He was loved by the Hawaiian people, learned their language and translated the Book of Mormon into the Hawaiian language. He had a number of wives, the first was Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon (1835-1882). It is believed this piano was in their home. We know it was passed down to their first daughter, Mary Alice Cannon (1828-1920). Mary Alice had this piano in her home and entertained frequently. She passed the piano down to her daughter (my mother) Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon (1894-1962). My mother Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon was married to Kiefer B Sauls who was the Presidential Assistant and Financial Anchor of BYU for 50 years. I am the only child of Elizabeth and Kiefer and they passed the piano down to me after their passing and it has been in my home ever since. It was originally a shiny black and had the "Chickering" label inscribed in swirling gold letters on the front. I refinished the piano to expose the beautiful rosewood, and in doing so it removed the Chickering inscription. Chickering was an American piano manufacturer from Boston Massachusetts. We have loved the piano and would be thrilled to have it restored to its glory.
I do play the piano and had all my children play as well. If I get the piano restored, I plan to give it to a granddaughter Grace Elizabeth Collins Brummer, who plays beautifully. I would love it to stay in my family and continue to be played by my granddaughter and great grandaughter who is 5 years old and ready to start playing.

  • YEAR 1800-1900
  • MAKE Granddaughter of George Q. Cannon wants to restore family piano for her Great Granddaughter!
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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