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Brigham Larson Pianos

I grew up taking piano lessons and took those lessons for 12 years. I really loved playing the piano and I’m pretty on the green thing the green green thing in the window I want to get back into it again. I also have two kids ages seven and four, who I would love to get playing the piano and taking lessons. We have a piano that is 120+ years old and it needs to be restored but it isn’t a good piano to learn how to play the piano on since it needs restoration work I feel torn between getting rid of the antique that means a lot to my family and getting a new piano or Getting it restored which I can’t afford.
I grew us seeing this piano in my grandma’s house. We lived in Utah, and whenever we visited my grandparents at their citrus farm in Escondido, California, I loved walking into their house because this piano was the first thing I would see. They lived in a tiny home on a citrus and avocado orchard on a hill. Even though the piano was always out of tune, I would play it for my grandma. My grandma got this piano around1972 and restored it (at least the finish on it). It was after her divorce and remarriage and move to the farm. Restoring antiques was a therapeutic thing that she did with her second husband (my grandpa). Both of them were dealing with a lot of mental health issues and had been building up their lives after divorces and my grandpa was in addiction recovery. My grandma did not know how to play the piano well at all, but she did sit down and tinker on it from time to time and later in her life, she tried to play the hymns.

  • YEAR 1900-1910
  • MAKE Family of citrus farm treasure is ready to restore Grandma's piano!
  • FINISH Tiger Oak
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