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Brigham Larson Pianos

In quick summary, I lost both my parents to cancer at a young married age as I was just starting my family. 5 of my 7 kids never met their grandparents, and none of them remember them since my son was only 2.5. As over a decade has passed, I have very little to still show for them and remind my kids of their amazing grandparents. Music is just as special to me as it was to my parents. If there is anything I can imagine passing on as a legacy to my children from my side of the family, it would be a gift like this. My mother’s childhood piano & my childhood piano to live on and become theirs.
For years I’ve had Brigham Larson pianos tune my pianos. Just a few years ago I got my dream of a grand piano through a total miracle and tender mercy. We had also had a nice electric piano, but upon discovering the possibility to have the grand piano, we knew there wasn’t room for 3 in our home and we’d need to get rid of one. Well the electric was much more valuable than this old heirloom that was hanging on by threads, and taken and beaten up driving across states in a moving van after my parents died. But the electric was the one to go because giving this old one away was like giving up my childhood. I had already lost so much at my young age, that I wasn’t able to give this up too. I have no living family left except my 2 brothers. So when I look at this piano, the memories come alive and a price can never be put on that. But at the same time, with our large family, we just don’t foresee a time we can ever have enough to warrant the “want” to rebuild this. So it remains silent in the corner of our room, only played when the ward choir happened to come and needed a large room to practice in. I still at times play its original keys and sit on the crickety seat, and remember life as it once was years ago. But I hope it can be as special to my kids someday as it was to me. I have 7 kids after all, and only 2 pianos to give. So I guess it will go to the 2 that practice the most😜🤣

  • YEAR 1950-1960
  • MAKE From Loss to Legacy, Orphaned Mother of 7 Wants to Restore Family Piano!
  • FINISH Mahogany
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