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The Langston Family Piano!

Brigham Larson Pianos

We are a family of five. We love each other and we love life. We spend time cooking together, playing games, fishing and biking. We've made our home a refuge filled with love, laughter and music. We enjoy learning new things and stretching ourselves.
In 1996 my husband and I moved to Lehi. He knew I missed having a piano in the home, so he went to a music shop and bought me a new piano. While I appreciated the gesture, it wasn't a very high quality piano. We went ahead and returned it to the shop. Meanwhile, my dad scanned the want ads in Las Vegas. An old jazz musician was sick and dying and had listed his 1908 Steinway upright. It wasn't much more than what my husband had paid for the new piano, so we told my dad to go ahead. It took us a few months to get it moved to Lehi, but i was elated to have a piano in my home (a duplex). Don't know how excited my neighbors were though. We eventually returned to Vegas and had a family. With the busy days and remodeling our home, the piano got pushed to the side. I started my children in piano lessons though because I wanted them to learn to play. For several months they practiced on a small 24" keyboard. As they progressed, I knew it was time to unbury the piano sitting in the other room. They were so excited. I pulled out my favorite sheet music and played and played. They quickly found their favorite songs and made requests each night. They progressed so well in their lessons, they were soon playing those same songs. It was wonderful to see their determination in working through each of these songs in my old piano. Fast forward several years, my daughter began teaching piano in her teens. The piano was getting tired. I contacted someone local and I was told it wasn't worth fixing unless it holds sentimental value. I've vascilated back and forth. I was almost ready to make the plunge when the past year brought several surprises with two vehicle replacements and some unexpected dental work. I'd love to have the piano restored. It is sentimental. It almost feels like a member of the family. My children can't fathom getting a newer model. This restoration would be a gift to our family and breath new life into our old friend.

  • YEAR 1900-1910
  • MAKE From a 1996 jazz musician surprise to family heirloom!
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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