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I am submitting a nomination for my mom to get her beautiful upright piano restored. I have many fond memories of my mother playing the piano as a child and an adult. I would sit and watch and listen to her play, in awe at the way her fingers glided across the keys. The sheet music always looked so interesting to me and I never understood how she could read it. When I was young my mother played piano in sacrament meeting. Sometimes she would let me sit up there with her and turn the sheet music for her! Looking back, that is such a small thing, but at the time it felt like I was doing something very important. My mom tried to teach me piano, but as a young kid with adhd, I didnt stick with any new skill or trait I was taught. However, she taught both of her grandsons how to play. She kept teaching them until they became advanced enough to move on to another teacher. I know she holds those memories close to her. Even as an adult, I enjoy hearing her play as I know it brings her so much joy and peace. However, with the piano not being able to be tuned anymore she no longer is able to play. She had bought herself a spinet piano years ago because we had a house that she was able to have both pianos at. However, after my father fell ill and was diagnosed with Lymes Encephalopathy we had to sell her big beautiful home as well as the piano so that we could afford to put him in full time assisted living. She still owns her piano from her childhood, but it can no longer be played. I would love to surprise her with this restoration and see the light in her eyes when she realizes she can play her childhood piano again. 
My grandparents bought this piano for my mom when she was 8 years old. Her older sister spent most of her free time terrorizing my mom and she needed an outlet. This piano was the perfect gift for her and she was able to find a love for classical music. She has now been playing the piano for 66 years!! This beautiful piano stayed with my grandparents when my mom went to college. My dad moved the family around so much that my mom was never able to get herself a piano or get back her piano from her parents. However when they finally settled down in UT country she wanted to eventually get her piano back. Once her father passed away, her mother decided to sell their house and my mom was able to get back the piano she loves so much. It has been a focal point in our living room for years and it would be so incredible if she could play again. It has a beautiful dark wood and you can see the natural wood grains. We think it might have been a player piano at one point! Unfortunately it is at a point that it need more work than she can afford to do since most of her income goes to paying for assisted living. It is manufactured by The Aeolian Company, NYC. I believe the style number is 551-P. The serial number is 51074 Thank you for taking your time to read my submission, I really hope that she gets chosen so that she can have the joy of playing the piano once again!!

  • YEAR 1940-1950
  • MAKE Surprise Piano Restoration for My Mom: Reviving 66 Years of Musical Memories from Her Childhood Piano!
  • FINISH Walnut
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