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Brigham Larson Pianos

Hello! We are a family of 8. We live in Roy… our children are 18,17,14, two 13yr olds, and a 6 yr old! 7 of us play the piano and love the joy that music brings! We are about to embark on our oldest about to serve an LDS mission. The first for our family! I am a stay at home mother. And my husband works for Hill AFB. We do many things in our church and try to be good people! Our family is our greatest blessing and highest priority! Music is right up on that list as well!
We have felt so blessed to have found a Sohmer piano back in 2012, after 9 years of searching & praying. My grandpa sold Sohmer pianos for a living right out of his home here in Roy. He was well known for not only selling but meeting any piano needs. I prayed and prayed that somehow I would be able to find a Sohmer piano in honor of him… time passed and I was given an old upright that my brother and I thought we could restore… boy were we wrong. We accidentally destroyed that piano! I couldn’t believe the skill and talent it must take to restore a piano! I went back to praying for a Sohmer and the opportunity finally came! It is an upright and is well loved and practiced on daily by 6 people! But it is in desperate need of a cosmetic upgrade. Its original stain is chipping and faded. Being a one income family there just hasn’t been the means to do something like this! However I can be patient for the day when it could happen. I’m just forever grateful to have my beautiful piano!

  • YEAR 1950-1960
  • MAKE Family of 8 Wants to Restore Grandpa's Sohmer Musical Legacy!
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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