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The Nelson Family Piano!

Brigham Larson Pianos

From the time my mom learned to play the pump organ at her great grandmothers house, music has been such an important (and joyful!) part of her life. She went from pump organ, to a piano at the church building, to a beautiful Kawaii console, to this Chickering. All of them she considers some of her greatest blessings! Hundreds of students (and her own children and grandchildren) have spent time on her piano bench, playing on these keys. The previous owner was a composer for music used in our church community, and many songs were composed by him on this piano. (More than once she would say to her students "just FEEL THE VIBES of this piano as you play!)

  • YEAR 1930-1940
  • MAKE From Composer, to Hundreds of Piano Students "Feeling The Vibes" to Restoring Mom's Cherished Piano!
  • SERIAL NUMBER 237858
  • FINISH Black / Ebony
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