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This is my husband's story and unfortunately he died in December. This piano was purchased in the 1930's for his sister to learn to play the piano. My husband when he was little would lay under the piano and listen while his sister practiced. When he was about 4 he also began lessons with the beloved Maggie Gamble from Roy Utah area. As they both grew and deveoped their taent, they played for the local Ward as well as other civic and church events. Katy, his sister attended a music conservatory in Chicago before moving back to Utah, The piano remained in the family home where my husband continued to become quite the accounplished pianist. After college the piano remained at his parents home until 1976 when we move it to Portland, Oregon. Most of my memories are from that time period and were of my children and husband playing the piano for all the holidays. One memorable event was when the local bishop brought missionaries to our house so Lance could play hymns and have the missionaries try to guess which one it was. We always had a holiday party and Lance would play while everyone stood around the piano and sang Christmas Carols. As my mother aged he would play for her and it gave her great joy, After retirement we decided to move back to his favorite place, Moab Uath. Of course the piano came with us. Unfortunately, Lance had arthritis in his hands and as it got worse he could no longer play. It was the hardest thing he had to give up as he got older. Now I am moving into a new chapter and moving back to Bend, Oregon to be with my daughter. The piano has been with us for so long that I can't give it up, so it will be moved one more time. I would love to have it refurbished so it could continue to be played and loved in our future.
Dean and Vera Parker of Roy Utah purchased the piano for their daughter in the 30's. it has remained in the family since.

  • YEAR 1930-1940
  • MAKE A Legacy of Love and Music: Restoring Our Family's 1930s Piano
  • SERIAL NUMBER I don't know where to look for the serial number
  • FINISH Walnut
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