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Brigham Larson Pianos

I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old and I love it. I wrote my first song when I was fourteen and have written many songs since. After I was married and started having kids, my health started declining and I battled chronic illness and depression for years. I was stuck in bed and it was so hard. Music became a sort of therapy for me and I continued to write music as a way of coping through so many hard days. As I have started healing and feeling better I just copyrighted 20 of my songs that I want to share on my social media accounts to help lift and inspire others. My mission and passion is to help others that are feeling stuck to find beauty in being broken and find purpose where they are. I know that music is a powerful healing tool and it has touched my life in such a meaningful way. I have shared my music with my five kids and they all have taken piano lessons on this piano and one of my girls writes music as well. This piano has been such a gift to our family and we sing and play all the time. It is out of tune and needs a lot of fix up and some of the keys don’t work. The petals are very squeaky and need a little love added to them. We would love to have our piano updated so we can continue sharing our music from this beautiful instrument. It needs to have the logo added back on it we have the picture of how it looked and the rest of the piano restored.
When I was young I loved music and my parents wanted to buy me a piano but we didn’t have a lot of money to buy one. They bought this piano from an older couple for $50 that they had for around 50 years for their own kids to play. It hadn’t been tuned for a long time and took some money to get it tuned and working. My mom fixed it up and got it ready for me to play. I played it all growing up and you could tell the mood I was in depending on how fast and loud I was playing the piano. I loved being able to learn to play and sing at the top of my lungs. My siblings didn’t have much interest in music so I inherited this piano about ten years ago from my parents when they moved to a new house. My husband and I drove to visit them in Oregon where I grew up and loaded the piano on a trailer and brought it to my home in Utah. It is an old Lyon and Healy upright grand and it’s beautiful but it definitely needs some fixing up! I would greatly appreciate your help in restoring the inside and outside of this amazing piano so I can continue sharing my heart through my music. The video was too big to submit so here is a link to me singing one of my original songs with my piano that I wrote when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

  • YEAR 1890-1900
  • MAKE From battling illness to sharing melodies, this treasured childhood piano holds the key to a family's musical legacy!
  • SERIAL NUMBER I think it’s 30291
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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