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Music fills my heart! When I was just 7, my mother noticed something special in me - a musical spark that seemed to ignite whenever I touched the keys of our family's upright Baldwin piano. She encouraged me to take lessons, and for three years, I diligently practiced and honed my skills. But it wasn't just about following lessons; I had an innate drive to learn more, to explore the music beyond the confines of structured instruction. I began taking voice lessons with Sadie McCollum and encountered her breathtaking 9-foot Grand Knabe piano. Its elegance and richness in sound captured my heart, and I expressed my desire to own one like it. But Sadie dashed my hopes, explaining that Knabe had ceased production many years prior. Undeterred, I held onto the dream, always believing that if there was a will, there was a way. And sure enough, a decade later, fate intervened. Walking into a local piano store, I laid eyes on it - an 1890 Knabe Parlor Grand, identical to my teacher's cherished instrument. It was as if destiny had guided me to this very moment. Learning of its history only added to the enchantment. Owned by Clint Murchison, the man behind the Dallas Cowboys, this piano held a legacy as rich as its sound. I couldn't help but feel a connection to Ms. Knabe, as if she had been waiting for me all along, patiently biding her time until our paths crossed. And so, with joy in my heart and fingers itching to play, I welcomed my dream piano into my life, a testament to perseverance, passion, and the unwavering belief that sometimes, the needle in the haystack is meant to be found.
I love this piano and would treasure being chosen for the Piano Restoration Giveaway! Hello, I'd like to share more about Ms. Knabe. I acquired her in 1996, and she's been a daily companion ever since. Though I ensure she's tuned twice a year, she hasn't undergone regulation, and her hammers show signs of wear. Recently, I considered having some work done, but my piano tuner suggested opting for a more modern instrument due to the challenges of finding parts for Ms. Knabe. This led me to explore other pianos, which proved to be an emotional journey. I even traded her in for a Kawaii piano, but upon delivery, I couldn't connect with it. Fortunately, I hadn't finalized the deal and was able to reverse it. Throughout this process, I realized that each piano carries its own soul, and I had invested mine into Ms. Knabe. Reuniting with her brought a sense of peace. Despite her inconsistent action and slight fading from being near a window, my love for this piano remains unwavering. Thank you for considering Ms. Knabe!

  • MAKE From The Dallas Cowboys to Ms. Knabe, This Dream Piano Has a Heartfelt Melody Ready to be Restored!
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