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Brigham Larson Pianos

The piano is my great grandmothers. It was in a fire when she was living in Kansas. After the fire it was given to my grandmother who learned to play on it and played on it for several years, when my mother was old enough and without any formal lessons just from what she had learned from her mother. Then it was handed down to my mom for us kids to play and for her to play so when my older sisters were of age, they began to take lessons and learned how to play. My older sister, went on to become capable of playing quite well and played a lot of the classical music on it my younger sister learned to play by ear and when I was old enough, my mom said she would begin to give me lessons so at about third grade I started taking lessons and the first recital came along recital it was all three of us my sisters and myself to play and that went very well and all the accolades that came along with it encourage me to continue playing and I continue to play today. I would like to have the piano restored because it’s never been fully restored and the last time it was professionally tuned was a 1968 before my mother gave it to some friends of ours who had four daughters and they wanted to learn how to play, when she bought a new Balwin spinet piano which my sister still has. So mom gave them the piano, with the caveat that if they ever got rid of it, she wanted it to come back into the family. About two years ago one of the family members passed away, one of the girls, and the youngest one ask me if I still wanted and I said definitely since it was the piano that I learned to play on. I’ve done a little bit of cosmetic work to it, but it really does need to be restored. The condition of it is Poor. I would say it that it needs a lot of work. Some work has been done over the course of time but who knows. The action is pretty much wore out key tops have been replaced over the years a mixture of different items between ivory and plastic The sound board has several cracks and the strings are very old. I guess that’s pretty much it. I’ve seen your work on on your YouTube videos that you have sent out and I would love to have that kind of quality work done on this piano so that it would once again play and sound like it should. Then I would like to pass it down to my daughter who would like to play it and then on to my grandkids who are beginning to learn how to play themselves so we would cover several more generations and still be with us a piano intact a vintage one with great family history.
As I mentioned earlier, the piano was my great grandmothers. It was in a fire, not damaging the function, but the finish was charred. It has never been had never been restored, stripped or refinished or anything like that until I had gotten it back a couple years ago and then I since I had to do some woodworking, I have done some repairs on it and refinished it to the best of my abilities at this point. This piano has been in the family for all these years, and it’s been passed through my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mom, friends of the family back to me again, and our family of which I would like to pass it on to my daughter and then on my granddaughters.

  • YEAR 1910-1920
  • MAKE From Fire to Future: The 100-Year Journey of Our Family's Piano
  • FINISH Mahogany
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