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Mr. Larson did a professional move of my great- grandmother's 1880's Krakauer upright piano last year, moving it from a cousin's home in Hughson, CA to my son's home in Lodi, CA. His whole family was involved , either with helping with the physical loading and move, videoing the process with narative and background piano music ( his son playing a piano concerto on that very piano after the move was completed, and Mrs. Larson incorporating the music into her video), or his littlest children entertaing me at the cousin's ranch. I was very pleased with how everything worked out. A YouTube video was posted by Mrs. Larson highlighting the move: "Piano Road Trip: Story Time... 6 Generation Piano Move -Lodi, CA. The Krakauer piano was a wedding gift to my great grandmother in 1891, given to her in New York. When the family moved to central California the piano was shipped to the Panama inlet, then off-loaded from the ship to an overland stage. It was carried west to the Pacific where it again was loaded onto a ship and sailed to the San Francisco Bay where it was off-loaded again and brought to the Ripon, California Tener family ranch. My great grandmother enjoyed it until passing it down to her daughter-in-law, my grandmother. She played it with family gathering all around, and then passed it down to her daughter, my aunt. My aunt left it to my cousin. Unfortunately, my cousin passed too soon, and her husband offered it to the family. I ultimetly took possession of the piano and it resides in my son's home for my two grandkids to enjoy. They are the sixth generation to use and enjoy this beautiful, grand, oak cabinet piano. One of the mystical highlights was, prior to wrapping up the piano for the move, I asked Mr. Larson if he would play a tune. As if guided by all the hands that played on it before, he struck up a rendition of " Danny Boy," which happens to be our families' favorite song, the Irish eyes were tearful! It was a Divine moment. It was a wonderful exprience. We thank Mr. Larson and crew! (Unable to add a photo, however, the video has great detail of the piano, and the music in the video was played by Mr. Larson's son on this piano after it was set i place). Please refer to the Larson video mentioned above. Thanks for this opportunity. Jon Tener
1880's Krakauer Brothers, New York, a wedding gift to my great grandmother in 1891, in New York. Piano traveled down the east coast on a sailing ship to Panama where it went overland to the Pacific, loaded on another ship andcsailed to San Francisco bay. Mr. Larson movedcthis piano one last time to Lodi, CA.

  • YEAR 1880-1890
  • MAKE Wedding gift to great-grandma in New York became a generational heirloom making it's way to San Francisco!
  • FINISH Oak
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