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I am an Army veteran who served in Iraq and now an Epidemiologist working on health programs, including responding to the opioid epidemic and researching suicide prevention. My husband is a retired Marine who served in Afghanistan and is currently a law enforcement officer. We have a seven-year-old boy who is an aspiring Navy pilot and has been learning the piano for the past year. Obviously, he loves Goose’s piano playing in Top Gun! My family has been serving in the military for at least four generations, and we are spread out all over the world. We currently call Boise home, love exploring the outdoors in our Jeep, and watching baseball, especially when our son is playing.
This piano was originally purchased by one of my great-great-great grandparents around 1930 for one of their children. It was passed down through the family and was eventually owned by my great-great uncle. My great grandmother tragically passed away, leaving a young family behind, including my grandfather. As the oldest, he shortly after joined the Navy as a Seabee. He was severely wounded in the Pacific theater and was retired from the Navy. He started a family upon his return to his native Oregon, and my great-great uncle gave him the piano for his four daughters to play. Later, my mother joined the Army, met my father at their officer basic course, and had my sister and me. My mother was then given the piano for us to learn to play. Eventually, my sister received the piano shortly after she returned from a deployment to Afghanistan as a government civilian. She now wants to give it to her nephew, my son, for him to play and for our family to continue to cherish. Growing up with a father on Active Duty, we moved around extensively with this piano. While the piano was played year round, Christmastime always included learning and playing holiday music. It is not only a survivor of almost 100 years, but it has also made it through at least two dozen moves, including three back and forth trips to Germany. My son’s piano teacher recommended looking into Brigham Larson pianos for its next move from Virginia to Idaho with a little TLC along the way. I was so impressed to see the love and passion for old pianos that may not have a lot of monetary value but are priceless for their sentimental worth. There are so many wonderful families and stories that have been shared; we would be honored to be considered and could continue the story of our family’s piano.

  • YEAR 1930-1940
  • MAKE Honorable Military Family Wants to Restore Great-Great-Great Grandparents 100-Year Piano Legacy!
  • SERIAL NUMBER 186573
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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