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I grew up in a musical family (8 kids) on a farm in Montana. I I now live in Rexburg, Idaho, where I am the founder of the Rexburg Children's Choir. I am married and have five beautiful and very busy children. I am a former Army musician (trombone), and currently work as an administrator at BYU-Idaho. I have played the piano for my entire life, and three of my children are currently studying piano.
A few years ago, I inherited my great grandmother's 1912 Hallet Davis grand piano. My great grandmother, Mary McAuley , studied piano under Philip Hudson at Luther College in Wahoo, Nebraska. Philip Hudson was a student of the famous pianist Josef Lhevinne before coming to Wahoo. Lhevinne was Russian and a pupil in the same music convervatory class with Rachmaninoff. (A point of history, as well: Mary McAuley is the granddaughter of John McAuley, one of the two men who led the Carthage Massacre that killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith). John McAuley was known as "the worst man in Hancock." Over the past 110 years, the piano has traversed the United States from where it was manufactured to Nebraska to Utah and finally now to Idaho, where it now safely rests in my home. ***Here is a YouTube video showing me playing the piano at the start of an NBC Nightly News segment***

  • YEAR 1910-1920
  • MAKE Family of Rexburg Children's Choir founder, wants to restore Grandma's antique piano!
  • FINISH Mahogany
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