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My name is Aimee Watson from Eagle Mountain, Utah. I am married to my wonderful husband Ben and together we have three beautiful children.
The family piano's story begins with my great-great grandmother Nettie Heiner Guild. She and her husband were the original owners of the piano and purchased it as a form of entertainment and as an instrument for their children to learn to play on. The player in the piano was eventually removed in hopes that the children would be more motivated to learn to play. When my great-great grandmother passed away in the spring of 1958 my grandfathers (Bruce Warren's) family gathered to decide who would inherit each of her belongings. My grandmother (Elaine Warren) whose family grew up singing together around a piano in the evenings requested the piano. My grandmother loved the piano greatly and her favorite song to play on it was Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Even after a brain tumor deteriorated much of her eyesight she would play the piano by ear. Her oldest daughter, my mother (Nancy Vandenhazel) was able to take piano lessons and learn to play on the piano. When I was a child we lived with my grandparents for several years during which I was able to take lessons and learn to play on this same piano. My grandmother would listen to me play and with her sharp musical ears would inform me of how to correct any mistakes that were made. The piano remained in my grandmother's home from 1958 till 1997 when she passed away. At that time my mother (Nancy Vandenhazel) inherited the piano. I would play and my family would sing along especially around Christmas. We always decorated the top of it with family photos and the nativity at Christmas time. The piano remained at my mother's home until my parents moved in 2012. That is when I inherited the piano. We still decorate the top with family photos and the nativity at Christmas time but playing it has become harder to do as several things have worn down and fallen into disrepair. I would love to see the piano brought back to life so that my children can share in the love of the piano that I have.

  • YEAR 1910-1920
  • MAKE Watson Family Wants to Restore Great-Great-Grandmother's Treasured Piano!
  • FINISH Oak/ turned black?
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