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The Hidden Beauty of Our Family Piano Awaits Restoration!

The Brinkerhoff Family Piano!

The Brinkerhoff Family Piano!

This piano was left in a home we bought and we were ready to throw it out. But my mom replaced the keys and my brother in law took off the front and we saw the beauty that was underneath. It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. It has brought so much joy and music in our lives and we have always hoped at some point to restore it to the beauty it once was.
The previous owners said they bought it off a lady on KSL for $50. Then they just left it at the house we bought. I was annoyed that I had to get rid of a piano but we called you guys and you fixed a couple broken pieces and replaced the keys. You told me the history of the piano and all the sudden we saw the potential of this once magnificent piece. We haven’t been able to do more to it since but she is now a part of our family and a central part of our daily lives bringing LOUD music to our ears.

  • YEAR 1920-1930
  • MAKE The Hidden Beauty of Our Family Piano Awaits Restoration!
  • FINISH Original wood but painted black
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