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Miracle Twins and a Beloved Piano Help Us Restore the Heartbeat of Our Family s Musical Legacy!

The Fox Family Piano!

The Fox Family Piano!

I remember the feeling of sitting in the NICU with my twin at just four years old: hearing the anxious pulse of the heart monitors that seemed to mirror my own heart, listening to the hushed whispers of the staff, and noticing the strange foreignness of it all as I began to understand the frailty of life. My younger twin siblings spent months there, after being born at twenty-seven weeks. Both of my siblings miraculously survived, although a stroke left my brother with physical and mental disabilities. The experience of these few months became an anchor for our family and define who we are today. We may be unique in some ways, working with the hectic life created by two sets of twins and my brother’s disabilities, but in reality we’re not unlike other families: we have fun together and love each other despite our differences.
The months surrounding my younger sibling’s birth when I was just four years old were an emotional, spiritual, and financial burden for our family, but also the time that my love for music developed into a deep desire to produce it. The peaceful comfort that music uniquely provides captivated me, and my mother’s love shone through when she purchased a beautiful antique baby grand piano, despite the financial burden it created in a difficult time. I adored it, and faithfully practiced, developing my musical ability throughout my entire childhood. Now, we chose to keep this family treasure because of the memories it created and the constant reminder of my mom’s love, despite frequent maintenance issues and associated fees. We often use it as a family with the quartet created with my mom on the cello, my twin brother on the violin, my younger sister on the viola, and her twin brother watching with my dad. Being chosen as the recipient would allow this joy to continue and preserve this symbol of my mother’s love. This is the beginning of its legacy, but that doesn’t diminish the value it has to us.

  • YEAR 1920-1930
  • MAKE Miracle Twins and a Beloved Piano: Help Us Restore the Heartbeat of Our Family's Musical Legacy!
  • SERIAL NUMBER 310612
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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