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Rescuing Harmony A Family s Journey with Cats, a Snake, and a Special Daughter, United by the Baldwin Grand Prix Piano!

The Hendrickson Family Piano!

The Hendrickson Family Piano!

We are a family of 7. I am from Germany and my Husband is a native to Utah. My husband, Jacob, studied Piano Performance at Utah State University for a year before switching to a degree he felt would be more practical for providing for a family. The piano has always been his passion though. He taught piano since his high school years, supported the UMTA and both he and I love to teach piano to children and adults in our little in-home piano studio. 4 of our 5 children are starting to love to play the piano, singing and 3 of us are learning to play the violin. One of our daughters was born with a rare genetic condition and congenital heart disease, that has caused her dozens of larger surgeries to repair different organs, including open heart surgery. Our family loves to spend time together exploring nature, caring for our little backyard farm of goats, bees, chickens, dog and cat, cooking/baking together and playing games. Our love of music connects our family and strengthens our family bonds.
Years ago we rescued a Baldwin Grand Prix Piano. Literally, we say "rescued" because it was for sale by the trust of an older gentleman who had just passed away and the family needed to sell everything quickly to pay off a reverse mortgage that covered medical and funeral expenses. This gentleman had taken care of his disabled adult children who fostered several animals, including dozens of cats. The cats unfortunately weren't kind to the outside of the piano and scratched up the top and legs. We were told at one point they lost a large snake (I believe it was a Boa) and found the snake shedding it's skin inside the piano. The daughter of the owner told us the story of this antique full grand piano. According to her, the piano had a twin and the former president of Utah State University had them imported from France for his daughters and it used to be located in the president's mansion in Cache Valley. From there it was passed down to family members (the older gentleman we bought it from was a extended family member and an accomplished musician). My husband played the piano for the grieving family when we looked at it, and they loved hearing it played so well and were thrilled to sell it to us. My husband, who initially wanted a really nice piano and was quite particular for the perfect instrument in his search, fell in love with this beat up instrument and told me immediately that we HAD to rescue it. Ever since then, we've loved this piano despite it taking up most of our living room and needing a rebuild and cosmetic refurbish. This piano has given our family countless opportunities to make cherished memories, from Christmas caroling, playing duets with our beginner piano students and kids, to recording a last family song for our dying grandpa to listen to, hours before he passed on when we couldn't be with him in person due to the Covid quarantine (see video). We have a special bond to the instrument.

  • YEAR 1910-1920
  • MAKE Rescuing Harmony: A Family's Journey with Cats, a Snake, and a Special Daughter, United by the Baldwin Grand Prix Piano!
  • FINISH Mahogany
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