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Unknown white-painted over if any

The Houssian Family Piano!

The Houssian Family Piano!

We moved throughout the country so we could find a place for us to live. We’ve lived in Utah for the past seven years. We need to find a place with the appropriate schooling for my autistic brother. My mom had studied in the country she grew up in and at BYU and always wanted to become an opera singer. She decided ultimately to care for us instead and always said she would do it again. Her dedication to us and her family is amazing. More recently, since we’re older now and able to drive, she’s opened up a vocal studio here in our home on the side while she teaches on Thursdays and Tuesdays at the Utah Conservatory in Park City.
Mom wanted a piano in our house since she didn’t have much to herself. We got an old baby grand piano a while back and she’s been using it since. It’s got a bit scratchy of a paint job now, and had to be cleaned out once. It doesn’t have a functioning cover and is a bit worse for wear but still plays well.

  • YEAR 1970-1980
  • MAKE Unknown (white-painted over if any)
  • FINISH White / Cream / Ivory
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