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The O Brien Family Wants to Restore Memorable Grandparents Piano For Daughter!

The Murdoch Family Piano!

The Murdoch Family Piano!

O'Brien Family Piano My name is Josh Murdoch and my Wifes name is McKinley Murdoch and that's who it would be for. I just want to say it would be a gift (one of the most memorable gifts) to my amazing wife and and AMAZING mom to our daughter (that wants to learn the piano already) and our dog odyn, and he kind of wants to play too. Haha. The piano is my wife's grandma and Grandpa's piano and my wife played it ever sense she was a little girl. Also my mother In law and her siblings played it when they were little kids. So it's been a big family memory. And last year her grandma passed away and my wife was lucky enough to get that piano. In the picture the plant is from her funeral. My wife used to play a lot like 10 plus years ago but now getting that piano she wants to play it and learn again. The person that will benefit from this will DEFINITLEY be my wife she loved that piano and all the memories that were made with that piano at her grandparents house, and all the times she played it with her grandma and grandpa. It for sure would mean the world if she gets chosen for this!
The person that first owned it would be my wife's grandparents. The piano as been in the family for over 30 plus years, it has definitely been in the family for a very very long time, all my wife's cousins and my wife learned and did piano lessons on that piano. My wife had many many stories with that piano and how much she played it at her grandparents house and especially with them there and listening to her play. And of course my wife's mom and siblings sense they were babies played the piano. She has a very deep connection to the piano and it would mean the world to her if it could get restored, so she can keep the legacy going with that beautiful piano and especially having our kids play on it and learn. Overall it would be truly AMAZING if you choose me for this cause my wife would absolutely love this, cause this piano will for sure be getting A LOT of use and it would be awesome to keep the memories and to create more with the piano! Thank you guys!

  • YEAR 1970-1980
  • MAKE The O'Brien Family Wants to Restore Memorable Grandparents Piano For Daughter!
  • FINISH Walnut
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