Muscial Instrument or Furniture?

Muscial Instrument or Furniture?

Brigham Larson Pianos

Your piano is an instrument disguised as a piece of furniture!

Pianos are both complicated musical instruments and stylish pieces of furniture. There's nothing wrong with wanting to put decorations on your piano in order to tie it in with the room. Here's some things you should and should not put on your piano in order to keep it in good condition:

Yes: pictures, FAKE plants, sheet music, decorative nutcrackers, unlit candles, bonus points for a protective runner.

No: pets, real plants, bowling balls, unsealed urns, lit candles, water bottles.



An appropriately decorated piano. Notice the plants are fake and the candle is unlit.



This grand piano is full of dirt from having potted plants on the lid. 

In general, anything that could create a wet or dirty mess on and inside the piano shouldn't be put on it. These could cause cosmetic and internal damage, both of which are expensive to fix. By following these guidelines, you can help your piano last for generations!

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