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Brigham's Team of Expert Piano Artisans can do ALL THINGS PIANO!!!

Our state-of-the-art piano storage, piano shop and piano restoration facility offers top-notch expert services to ensure the well-being of your new or well-loved piano.


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Pianos For Sale

Experience the ultimate piano shopping destination, offering a diverse range of over 300 pianos for sale in various showrooms across three levels of a piano wonderland!

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In-Home Service by Our Expert piano technicians

Piano Tuning & Repair

The entiire Brigham Larson Pianos team of experts, all began with one piano tuner-Brigham! Our piano tuners are also piano rebuilders and will help your piano to achieve the highest level of performance with our top-quality piano tuning and repair services.

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Expert Piano Movers

Piano Moving

Experience a Seamless Piano Moving Service: From Start to Finish!! Our team of expert movers will keep your piano safe and create a stress free experience for you. Easy to book piano moving service with free estimate.

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Our specialty-family heirloom pianos

Piano Restoration

Restoring over 100 pianos a year at Brigham's Piano Shop, you'll experience expert craftsmanship at it's finest! Brigham's team are all "almost" as passionate and crazy about all things piano as he is... almost! We like to refer to the whole crew as "Piano Artisans"... because it's not just the music that is an art, for us, the instrument is our canvas and art, just as much as the music it co-creates!

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3 Levels to Choose From

Piano Refinishing

Choose from Good-Better-Best levels of refinishing to match your vision for your piano. Some desire a budget friendly option and others want to go all the way up to requesting the highest levels of possible piano refinishing expertise witih a flawless masterpiece! We can do either and everything in between!

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We can add tech to ANY piano!

Piano Technology

We can add digital piano technology to any upright or grand piano and convert an aucoustic piano into a technological tool while maintaining it's rich aucoustic musical integrity!

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short term - long term

Piano Storage

Trust our piano storage service to protect your family piano with professionalism and expertise. We safeguard your piano with our trusted storage service, backed by years of industry experience and expert knowledge.

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Expert piano appraisal

Piano Appraisal

Want to know the fair market value of your piano? Maybe you want to sell your piano and could use our tips to make your piano more marketable. Choose from three levels of expert piano appraisals and evaluations. We offer worldwide piano value appraisals, in-home evaluations for local residents, and documentation for Insurance or Auction Estate Values.

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Monthly - rent to own

Piano Rental

Not sure about a long term investment? Maybe you just want to see if your child will "stick with it"? Renting a piano might be a perfect dream for you! No commitment, but all the benefits of committing... after 6 months, if you decide to keep it, then all 6 months of rent may be applied to the purchase price! Yep!

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Event Piano Rental

Wedding? Music Video Shoot? Corporate Christmas Party? We got you! Just let us know when and where and our super expert, friendly piano movers will have a gorgeous, expert prepped upright or grand piano there according to your precise specifications.

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