News - We love children, so please touch EVERYTHING!

We love children, so please touch EVERYTHING!

Karmel Larson

The piano has been central to the family culture in most homes through out the last few centuries. We love it's power to gather our family together in our own home. We are motivated by that gathering influence to share pianos, piano lessons and music in general with as many families as possible. A piano in every home is our dream! It has a classic beauty and inspiring sound that draws people in and families together. In our effort to share this beautiful experience with as many families as possible... we hope that families and children feel that welcoming spirit when they enter our piano gallery to shop and dream of the piano for their home. We LOVE having families and children visit our piano gallery. With 8 of our own children often bouncing around the piano gallery, we hope that you feel a welcoming sense of ease and know that your children are welcome here. You can shop worry free and not be concerned about your kids "touching stuff"... in fact... we just made this new poster to grace our entrance to magnify this message to everyone who comes for a visit... "We love children, so please touch EVERYTHING!" No worries about fingerprints or "kid behaviors" - let them pound and play (if it's ok with you... it's ok with us!) Let them freely explore and experience the wonder of being surrounded by hundreds of magical pianos. Let them be children and know that we welcome them and you to visit stress free! We even have some piano coloring books for them and lots of engaging things for little eyes to see and little hands to play with. Bring the whole family and come choose your piano to create more musical gatherings in your own home. Our mission is "facilitating positive musical experiences for families" and we hope that begins with your first visit to our magical collection of hundreds of pianos to wow and inspire your children! Please visit often and bring your little ones! And watch for our new poster when you arrive...
"We love children, so please touch EVERYTHING!"

Brigham and Karmel Larson

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