News - Classical music and why our kids love it!

Classical music and why our kids love it!

Karmel Larson

I wanted to share a little bit about one of our students who wrote a paper on Classical Music!
Abby is a part of the new Zion Youth Academy that we have here at the store. She wrote a paper as part of her Family School Music History Class. I just wanted to share a few parts of it with all of you.
"I love classical music and I feel that it is an essential part of my growth and development."
"In order to be real classical music, it must have a purpose and be a beautiful, divinely inspired piece. I feel that if the song does not move you, in some way, that it is not true classical music. It should move people, touch their hearts, make them rejoice and look towards God!"
"Playing classical music is the way I express myself when I feel something so strong that it can not be explained in words. I believe that this is one of the purposes of classical music - to be able to truly express yourself in a way you did not think possible. Music is written to make people happy. I feel that true classical music has it’s own way of expressing itself that makes me feel so incredibly warm and happy. Classical music was composed and is intended to praise the Lord. We should always remember that the aim and end of all music is to praise God. I am so grateful for the amazing blessing of classical music in my life and all that it does to create love and joy in my heart and home. "
Just like Abby, I believe that classical music is and was inspired by God. I am so blessed to be able to be a part of this Conservatory and it's divine message of being centered on Christ. May we all realize the importance of good clean music and work towards developing mentally as well as spiritually!

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