News - From Our Partners at BLP: Piano Buying Basics

From Our Partners at BLP: Piano Buying Basics

We love that we get to share a building with Brigham Larson Pianos! (Well, maybe more accurately, that they share their building with us.) It's awesome to be around so many cool/old/weird/sometimes broken pianos every day, and it's definitely nice to have piano technicians who can help when something falls in the piano! Yes, that happens to everyone... even piano teachers.
One question we get asked a lot by new or interested piano families is about how to navigate the piano buying process. What kind of piano is best for lessons? What will be the best investment? While we shared a few our own pointers here, Brigham shared this awesome video the other day with some of his thoughts on different types of piano.

You can check out the original post and transcription of the video here.

Every piano student needs a piano to practice on. If you have more questions or want help testing out different options, you can always ask your piano teacher!

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