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Light the World Through Music

It's December! Which means Christmas is just around the corner! BUT the true happiness and excitement of Christmas isn't found in presents and gifts, but rather it is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, spent a lot of His time and His ministry caring for individuals. Join us in #Lighttheworld this holiday season as we follow His example and find ways to share our time, love, and talents with those living all around us. Here are 3 simple ways you can use music and piano lessons to share His light in your homes, communities, and around the world this Christmas season.

1.Practice Sensitivity! Each month at piano lessons we focus on a different virtue. The Virtue of the Month for December is Sensitivity. Part of Sensitivity is being aware of and responsive to the feelings of others. This week, try to observe the needs of others and then look for service opportunities. Even the smallest act of service, such as showing kindness to your siblings, can go a long way!

2. Play Christmas songs! This is a great way to gather family together! This month, try to gather your family around the piano to play/sing along to some of your favorite Christmas pieces!

3. Share your talents! There are so many opportunities to share your musical talents with the community and especially with those that may be feeling sad or lonely this time of year. Find someone whose spirits could be lifted up and plan a time to go share a song you have been working on with them. This is a great way to bring joy to them and to yourself as well!

There are so many ways to serve through music! We hope all of our students will find ways to share their musical talents to help #Lighttheworld this month!

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