News - Where can I get information on buying a piano?

Where can I get information on buying a piano?

I am constantly helping people find the perfect piano for their needs. Here are our my top 3 resources for buying a piano and navigating the piano market!

1) Larry Fine's Piano Buyer Book

My first recommendation is the Larry Fine Piano Buyer Book. It’s geared towards people who are looking to purchase a piano. It has lots of articles in it. It talks about every brand manufactured today. The Piano Buyer Book contains piano history, it talks about various aspects of different brands, and talks about recommended pricing. It has a rankings guide as well. I’ve known Larry for years and he’s an awesome guy. I know he feels that ranking is often what his book gets boiled down to. But there is so much more! I personally have gleaned so much from this book. I couldn’t recommend it more highly in educating yourself.

Brigham Larson and Larry Fine

2) Piano World

Piano World is a forum where you can go and type in an query you want and chances are, there is a thread that has talked about your very question and you can read through that thread and get opinions all over the map! It’s kind of a no holds bar kind of forum, where people can just say whatever. Most of it is very good advice from very good people who are just passionate about pianos. These people live eat, sleep, and breathe pianos and they love to talk about it! You can glean lots of info from piano world.

3) Find a Piano Technician

3rd, is find a good competent experienced piano technician. Technicians are the ones who are up to their eyeballs in piano guts day in and day out. They know comparisons. Not all technicians will have experience with brand new pianos. A lot of them will have experience with certain brands brand new but not others. However, they will ALL have experience with older pianos, with turn of the century pianos, with mid-century pianos, with spinets, with large uprights, with grands of all sizes, and they’ll often have good opinions that can be very informative and instructive in this otherwise very difficult to navigate industry. If you can even find more than one technician to get advice from, then all the better. I couldn’t emphasize that enough that it is the people who are working on them that know what their talking about and can really compare the in’s and outs, and the makings of the instrument.

I hope that’s been informative and helpful in how to educate yourself on this tricky to navigate industry. Schedule an appointment to meet with me and I'd be happy to answer your questions. Just fill out the form below!

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