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8 Reasons Summer is the Best Time for Piano

Karmel Larson

Summer is a great time for lots of things - swimming, hiking, vacations, picnics in the park, and more. But have you ever realized that summer might ALSO be the best time for kids to make progress in piano lessons? Here are eight reasons to keep kids practicing between school years.

Fewer distractions during summer days means more productive practice. Without the pressure of homework, projects, and tests to study for, students can focus better on practicing. They get more done in a shorter amount of time!

Kids are also usually better rested during the summer than when they have to get up early for school. When our basic needs (like sleep, hunger, thirst, etc.) are met, we practice better.

Scheduling practice time is usually easier during the summer, too! Maybe right after school is the only time you have during the school year, but it isn't the best time for piano practice. During the summer, you can schedule it for the time of day when your kids are at their best.
With all those family vacations and reunions in summer months, Grandma is sure to ask for an impromptu talent show! Your kids will feel awesome if they have music they love to play for others.
Lots of studios do special programs during the summer, like our summer duet program. This is a great chance to change it up a little bit while still improving students' overall musicianship and keeping them motivated.
Kids need to take a break from school, but piano keeps their brains moving in an awesome way. Plenty of research suggests that students who learn music perform better in other academic subjects as well.
Continuing piano in the summer also teaches discipline and responsibility. Learning can be a life-long pursuit, especially if that habit starts young.
Students who take piano during the summer progress up to twice as much over a year as students who don't. If you don't keep practicing during the summer, you don't just stay at the same skill level - you lose as much as 3 months of the progress you made during the school year. Even if you miss a few lessons for trips or vacations, those extra 3 months of lessons make a huge difference in how fast and how much you learn.

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