Piano Lessons Blog - Announcing the 2016 PianOlympics!

Announcing the 2016 PianOlympics!

There's been lots of hype lately about the 2016 Olympics in Rio as the U.S. Olympic athletes and teams have been chosen. Since most of us don't get to experience the Olympics ourselves... we figured we'd create our own version here at the Piano Academy!

After the huge success of our practicing competition earlier this year, we're excited to announce the 2016 PianOlympics - a special practicing event focused on the areas of technique and method books spanning two weeks and with medals and music bucks as prizes! Students compete to see who can pass off the most pieces and technique exercises according to their level, and the top three winners in each category will be recognized. Here's a list of the different "events" students can enter:

Green Technique Sheet Events:

Table Tennis (Preparatory Level): Any Exercises
Artistic Gymnastics (Preparatory Level): Piano Safari Pieces
Trampoline (Level 1): Jump-Up/Ski Down Five-Finger Patterns
Cycling (Level 1): Hand over Hand and Chords (Five-Finger Patterns)
Canoeing (Level 1): Contrary/Parallel and Cadences (Five-Finger Patterns)
Synchronized Swimming (Levels 2-10): Scales
Cycling (Levels 2-10): Cadences/Chords
Hurdles (Levels 2-10): Arpeggios
Rhythmic Gymnastics (Levels Preparatory-3): Hanon Exercises
Rhythmic Gymnastics (Levels 4-10): Hanon Exercises

Method Book Events:

Long Jump: Lesson Book Pieces
Pole Vaulting: Performance Book Pieces
Taekwondo: Technique Book Pieces

Other Events:

Weightlifting: Hymns (For students who are on fast-track hymns)

Rowing: Listening List Responses (students listen to pieces from our "Composer of the Month" playlists and write short responses)

Each student will receive a score card during the first week of August and has two weeks to pass off as many assignments as they can with their Piano Academy teachers. At the end of two weeks, we'll collect the cards and announce our medalists! Students are competing individually and as teams based on the day of their lesson; the team with the most medals wins extra music bucks!

Parents can download the full rules and score card here. We can't wait to see what our Olympians accomplish!

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