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Basic Intro to Piano Marvel

Karmel Larson

For many of our new students, Piano Marvel may be a very unfamiliar term. Luckily for you, we are going to give a basic introduction and summary of what Piano Marvel is and why we use it in our lessons!
Piano Marvel is an app available for both laptops and tablets. Once the tablet or laptop has been connected to a digital keyboard, it allows students to play thousands of pieces and exercises and then gain instant feedback on what they just played. After students play, correct notes turn green and incorrect notes turn red and show whether the student played the wrong note or whether they just played it at the wrong time. As soon as the student finishes an exercise or piece, they get a score—scores include a bronze, silver, or even gold trophy for a high scoring performance!
We love using Piano Marvel because it allows students to work at their own pace and adjusts to fit every student's level. No matter the student's level, there are exercises and songs available to challenge every person. It also allows students to divide each song up into smaller sections and practice hands separately at a slow tempo. This helps them develop good practicing habits and helps students learn their songs quicker.
Piano Marvel also tracks students' progress through trophies, reports, and stars to help students see how fast they are moving through their exercises and helps the teachers see what the students are working on. We think you’ll be pretty amazed by how quickly your child learns and how excited they are to practice!

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