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Bonding with Song

Karmel Larson

"We love Kindermusik because it gives us a chance to sing dance and be silly all while bonding with our children and shaping their early childhood development and learning!” ~Deanna H."
"If you are reluctant to sing because you think you sing off key, you may be missing out on an especially loving experience with your child. Children love music, and they especially love simple songs sung to them by their special folks — you! (Remember that young children do not expect their parents to be able to successfully audition for the Metropolitan Opera House.) In fact, singing is a wonderful way in which to increase the loving, intimate feelings between you and your child. Singing can also be used to soothe your child when he's unhappy, create a bedtime ritual, or entertain him on a rainy day. These should be reasons enough to sing out! Remember that the only “critic” in the room will be you. Here is how to make the most of musical times with your child..."READ MORE>>>

Alice Sterling Honig, Ph.D., is a professor emerita of child development at Syracuse University. She is the author of Secure Relationships: Nurturing Infant-Toddler Attachments in Early Care Settings.

About Kindermusik

Kindermusik is an age-appropriate music and movement program for kids ages newborn -7 years. Our approach is not only research-based and research-proven, it's so much fun for kids, parents, and teachers. Try a free class! Call Ms. Julie at 801-701-0113 or email Kindermusik. UPC@gmail.com

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