Piano Lessons Blog - Coming Soon: Our Outreach Recital!

Coming Soon: Our Outreach Recital!

But why do we do an Outreach Recital four times a year? First of all, it gives the students the chance to practice performing. Anyone who has ever performed anything for an audience knows that a performance requires a totally different mindset and different skills than practicing does. Sometimes our brains can do funny things during performances that never would have happened during practice time, like forgetting a section of music or making our hands shake. It's critical for students to perform as much as they can so they can practice the "performance mentality." That way, when they get to the recital, they will have experience playing while they're nervous and will be confident that they can play in front of an audience.

We also schedule Outreach Recitals because we don't want to keep our music in our homes or at the Conservatory—we want to share it with everyone! We believe that Heavenly Father gave us the gift of music and the ability to play the piano so we can uplift other people. In the Bible, the Savior teaches that we shouldn't hide our light (or our talents) "under a bushel," but that we should share it so it will light up the whole house. When we are willing to share our talents, we can be a light in people's lives. The students never leave the Outreach Recital without receiving many thanks for spreading happiness to everyone who heard them.

Please join us on May 5th and listen to our students display what they've been working so hard on—you'll be amazed at what they have accomplished!

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