Piano Lessons Blog - Faculty Friday - Fun Facts

Faculty Friday - Fun Facts

Karmel Larson

We share lots of things on our blog about our program, but today we want to share a little bit about our amazing faculty! We have an amazing group of teachers here at the Piano Academy, some of whom teach on a regular basis and some who help us out as subs when needed. They all work hard every day that they are here and continue learning through personal study and regular faculty development meetings. As a group, they're pretty impressive!

We asked some quick questions of the teachers here today, and here are some of the cool things we learned!

Of the five faculty members here today, their combined experience comes to:

3 completed music degrees and 3 more in progress from great music schools in Utah

10 different instruments played - and all of them them play at least one instrument besides piano. These include violin, guitar, flute, voice, clarinet, and organ.

92 years of playing music - wow!! (It IS helpful to be able to tell a student "I've been playing the piano longer than you've been alive...")

31 years of teaching music

These five teachers also have hobbies BESIDES music, including clogging, tennis, hiking, writing, reading, cross-stitching, snowmobiling, crossfit, and art.

And when we asked them to share an interesting thing they've done, here's what we got:

One of them has played in Carnegie Hall

One took hula lessons as a kid

One has performed for a worldwide broadcast for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

One has kissed a stingray (7 years of good luck, they say)

And one has participated in a dance performance in Indonesia!

A great teacher can make a huge difference in a student's life - all of our teachers are here because someone did that for them. Next time you see your piano teacher, try asking them some of these questions... their answers might surprise you!

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