Piano Lessons Blog - Great Question!  Do lessons continue in Summer?

Great Question! Do lessons continue in Summer?

I was just e-mailed the following question and thought I would share the answer for everyone:
Do lessons continue through the summer? YES
Piano Academy goes year round. We take short breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July. Lessons go M-F through all other holidays and through summer. Our students really excel over the summer and no review time or lost momentum occurs in the fall.

Group piano lessons also continue year round!

With Kindermusik we have lessons year round and offer additional classes for "Summermusik" music camps.

We also offer a variety of summer piano camps for beginners and intermediate/honors students. You can check out those camps here.

So YES! LOTS happening at Utah Piano Conservatory this summer! Come and join the fun! It's a great time to start a new student on the path to musicianship. Call 801-701-0113 to arrange a time for a FREE evaluation of your child(ren) to receive a recommendation of what program would be the best launch for them into musical success.

See you at lessons!

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