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Helping Your Child Practice for Their Piano Lessons

Karmel Larson

Putting your child into piano lessons is a serious commitment, and not just for the student! As a piano parent, your job is to help your child complete their at-home practice so that they're prepared to learn at every lesson. Younger children will likely need you to sit and practice with them daily, while older children will need a different kind of help. If you're a first-time piano parent, it can be kind of daunting to know how to help your child best!

To help our piano parents with this, the Piano Academy offers "piano tutor training" every month. This is a one-hour, small group training to answer questions like:

How much should my child be practicing?
How do I know what my child should practice?
How involved should I be on a daily basis?
How do I know if my child is practicing well?
How can I help my child set piano goals and reward him or her for reaching them?

The best part is that you don't have to know anything about the piano to help your child practice. One of your biggest contributions as a piano tutor is simply encouraging your child to keep working hard and figure things out.

We had piano tutor training last night and were so glad to have the input of a few of our fabulous new piano parents! Because children like to do what they are good at, the more you as a parent help them practice, the more they will LOVE to play the piano. One mom shared how her teenage son asks her to come listen to him practice almost every day. Although he's old enough that he doesn't need direct supervision, his mom told us how much this small ritual has improved and strengthened their relationship as parent and child. Learning how to practice with your child can create this kind of experience for you, too!

For the answers to the above questions (and more), check out our "Helps and Suggestions for Piano Tutors" on our main website or call us at 801-701-0113 ext. 3 to schedule a free tour and evaluation. The Piano Academy has openings for the summer and we'd love to help your child achieve amazing things at the piano!

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