Piano Lessons Blog - Honors Piano Masterclass Next Week!

Honors Piano Masterclass Next Week!

Karmel Larson

Our first Honors piano masterclass is coming up fast! This event will be next Saturday, January 20 at 12:00 PM at the Conservatory.

Masterclasses are used by piano teachers around the world to help their students polish performances and get feedback from another teacher. Each student performs their piece, and then works with the teacher for a few minutes. Unlike a private lesson, however, other students and their families are usually invited to watch! This is a great opportunity for students to both play and observe. Concepts the teacher brings up are usually applicable to more than one student or piece. Masterclasses are also a great performance opportunity and a chance for students to be exposed to new music!

This piano masterclass will be focused on our Honors students who are preparing for local festivals and competitions. While the performers will be Honors students, all UPC families are invited to attend! We'll have a special guest teacher and we hope that many of you will attend!

If your child is interested in participating in future masterclasses, just let us know! We will be offering several throughout the year to focus on different skills and areas. For more information on the Honors Division, click here.

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