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I Can Be Patient By...

Each month we focus on a different virtue from the list of Virtues for Virtuosos to help our students develop both talent and testimony. Through this focus, our students learn not only the piano, but they gain and learn valuable character traits and qualities at the same time. Our virtue for the month of March is PATIENCE! In the computer lab, to earn an extra music buck, our students can write down their thoughts on an index card in response to this statement: "I can be patient by..."
Here are some of their responses.
Luisa said, "One way that I can be patient is not yelling while waiting (in general)."
Kenneth said, "I can be patient by waiting for my turn." He also said he could show patience by "waiting in line and not cutting".
Other responses included, "waiting", "waiting to play the piano", "being nice to others", "waiting quietly when a teacher is with someone", "being patient to watch a movie", "waiting for someone or something", and "by waiting".
Aza said, "I put my coat over my sister because it was raining."
Char-lynn described patience as "waiting for a friend and being quiet and not disturbing others."
"Waiting your turn to play the piano, to talk, to get help, or even to check out a book" also were ways our students told us they could show patience.
Our students totally know what patience is all about! We are amazed by all of their honest answers and we hope you learned something about patience just as we did!

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