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I Can Be Sensitive By...

Karmel Larson

Here at the Utah Piano Conservatory, we are dedicated to helping our students develop both talent and testimony. Each month we focus on a different virtue from our list of Virtues for Virtuosos. Through this focus, students not only learn piano, but they also learn valuable character traits at the same time. If you haven't heard by now, this month our virtue is SENSITIVITY! We wanted to know what our students thought about sensitivity, so this month, for one of the rotation activities in the computer lab, we had students write down their thoughts on an index card in response to this question: "I can be sensitive by..."

Here are some of their responses.
Kylie said, "I can be sensitive by babysitting my brothers and sisters while my dad works upstairs."
Sierra shared this experience: "If I smile at people or give them a hug their feelings will not be sad, they will be happy. I can say hi or make a nice comment to them. Once I saw someone at school who was crying and I helped them settle down and said some nice things and she felt better."
Anujin shared that he could show sensitivity by sharing with others.
Abraham wrote that he could be sensitive by being nice to others.
Chloe responded, "I can be sensitive by helping others and including others in everything."

Other responses included:
-"I can be sensitive by helping my sister find her stuffed animals."
-"I can be sensitive by giving cookies to people who are sad."
-"I can be sensitive by apologizing to people I accidentally hit."
-"I can be sensitive by helping someone feel happy when they are feeling down."

These students totally know what sensitivity is all about! I am so amazed by these students' honest answers and I hope you feel the same way!

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