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Jump Into Piano Lessons!

Summer is a time to many families take a break from piano lessons. Soon enough, school will start up again, and people will be looking to find a great piano teacher for their children! Why not try out piano lessons for free? This summer, Piano Academy is offering a FREE month of piano lessons for all students who are signed up for our JumpStart Summer Camp!
The camp runs July 17th - 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. each day. Participants will be involved in lessons, group activities, music history, music theory, and a fun concert at the end for family and friends! This is a great sneak peak for those who are interested in piano lessons, but aren't sure if they are ready to start. By the end of this camp, we guarantee you will LOVE Piano Academy and piano lessons.
Registration is currently open, and we are requesting families to sign up quickly so we can be prepared! If you sign up for the camp, we are offering a month of FREE piano lessons during August. Sign up for our JumpStart Summer Camp now! Call 385-219-0774, or follow this link:
https://app3.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=523891&hc=&initEmpty=&hdrColor=&WL=0&preLoadClassID =6557943&loc=

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