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Jumpstart to Piano Lessons

Summer is a great time to sharpen those piano skills! It's also a good time to decide if piano lessons are right for YOUR FAMILY! Our Jumpstart Summer Camp, a week full of piano lessons, covers all of the basics kids need to be successful at the piano. From music theory to music history, and from Piano Safari to Primary Passages, our piano teachers will help your children will come away at the end of the week able to perform at least 5 new songs!

Jumpstart Summer Camp will be May 29th - June 2nd at the Utah Piano Conservatory in Orem, Utah. Kids ages 6-11 are eligible to participate in the camp. Please contact Piano Academy at the Utah Piano Conservatory at 801-701-0113, or 385-219-0774 for questions or to sign up! Spots will fill up fast!

Piano Lessons at Piano Academy are certainly unique. You probably have never seen anything like it. That's why we offer free tours of facility for those interested in piano lessons. To schedule your free tour, 801-701-0113, or 385-219-0774.

Advanced teenage students of Piano Academy are welcome to apply as a Teacher's Assistant for the camp. Please let your solo teacher know your interest!

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