Piano Lessons Blog - Learning to Improvise at Piano Lessons - Starting at Age 5!

Learning to Improvise at Piano Lessons - Starting at Age 5!

You've probably heard some great jazz or pop pianists improvise (that is, "make up" music on the spot), but did you know that five-year-olds can do it, too?

Improvisation is a skill that anyone can learn! Many people think that it's a skill you're either born with or you're not, but the truth is that just like any art, improvisation takes lots of practice. In our Preschool Piano Academy, we use a method called Piano Safari, which emphasizes the creativity we love to see! Last month, Lincoln (age 5) and his teacher performed a duet called "Cowboy Improvisation:"

His piano teacher played a basic accompaniment, and Lincoln got to make up his part on the black keys. Lincoln has only been taking lessons for a few months, but he's already got a good grasp on steady rhythm. As he progresses, Lincoln will learn to improvise with different keys, new rhythms, and more complicated patterns. And the benefits of improvisation don't stop at piano! Being creative in music lessons can boost problem-solving and leadership skills, among other traits (check out what Einstein thought about music here). We can't wait to see where Lincoln's creativity takes him!

If you or your children are interested in learning to improvise (or any other part of piano lessons), let us know! Come visit anytime or give us a call at 801-701-0113 ext. 3 to schedule a free tour and evaluation.

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