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Liszt- The Justin Bieber of Classical Music!

Karmel Larson

So maybe Justin Bieber isn't the best comparison, but Bieber Fever definitely is! Franz Liszt was the first ever rock star. Men and Women would throw themselves at him, just trying to touch his clothes. One lady went so far as to have his old cigar bud picked up off the street where he had thrown it. She then had it encased in a locket and had it monogrammed in diamonds!
Lisztomania is what this craze is referring to. However, unlike Beatlemania or Bieber Fever, Lisztomania was considered a genuine, contagious medical condition and critics tried to take measures to immunize the public.
If you listen to Liszt's music, you can see why people were so in love with it! It is exciting, its overly dramatic, and its EXTREMELY difficult music to play and perform correctly. But once you get it, you will become a rock star! So put on your sparkly shoes, grab your diva hat, and enter in to the world of Lisztomania!
Take a listen HERE
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