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"Musical Moments" - Group Adult Piano Classes

Karmel Larson

The power of music and what it does to bring back memories is undeniable. In addition to enhancing quality of life, there are health benefits to an effective music program. It has been documented that seniors participating in music use fewer medications, feel less depressed, are less lonely, have higher morale, and are more socially active.
We have a program for seniors at the Utah Piano Conservatory called "Musical Moments." It is a piano class for beginners who want to enjoy learning to play the piano at a leisurely pace, backed by beautiful orchestrations. You feel like you are playing with a symphony behind you! Headphones keep your playing private until you feel secure in your notes.

The class meets once a week for one hour for a fun, social, and very musical experience. Couples are welcome and receive a two for one deal. Call 801-317-3825 for a free tour!

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