Piano Lessons Blog - Piano Marvel Competition Finalists 2019

Piano Marvel Competition Finalists 2019

Karmel Larson

A couple of weeks ago we submitted our 2019 Piano Marvel YouTube Competition video entries... here is a list of all our students that are finalists!


Zach Wright

Early Elementary (Ages 5-7):

Rylan Fullmer

Late Elementary (Ages 8-10):

Sadie Kirk

Sierra Strong

Kenneth Cummins

Kate Child

Koa Heftel

Vivian Frazier

Chloe Rogers

Jake Christiansen

William Clayton

Middle School (Ages 11-13):

Ava Rogers

Brittany Dorrough

Brigham Larson, Jr.

Luisa Veamatahau

High School (Ages 14-19):

Zach Wright

Check out the playlist of all the UPC entries below:

There are so many benefits to entering a competition. It pushes students to a new level of playing ability and dedication, sharpens critical listening skills, and and helps improve performance skills. All of our students put in a lot of hard work to enter the competition and we are SO proud of every single one of them!

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