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Becoming a Better Piano Teacher

Karmel Larson

When looking for a piano teacher, one of the main things people tend to look at is the potential teacher's performance experience. What level of music do they play? Have they performed in solo recitals? Where and with whom did they study? Teachers who aren't advanced pianists themselves won't be able to teach their students to that level. However, being a good piano teacher requires more than just skill. Here are some other important things for piano teachers to try out to become a better teacher:

Practice! When you keep up your own piano skills it also helps prepare you to help your own students. As you practice, you constantly are thinking about how to solve problems and are thinking about strategies that will help you practice effectively, which can then be shared with your students. Practicing also helps you empathize with your students and you can help talk them through the hard parts. You are also able to understand a student's frustration when they learn a hard new concept and can share in their excitement when they finally nail it.
Learn Patience! As an advanced pianist you know how hard it can be to learn a new instrument. When faced with students who are unmotivated or difficult to handle, lean on this skill to avoid creating a negative environment.
Positivity! Positivity is infectious! Your encouragement may be just the thing your student needs to get through the challenging parts.

Being a piano teacher can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding, and if you try, you will find that it can be a great way for you to continue learning and developing new skills as well.

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