Piano Lessons Blog - Piano Teacher, How Do I Get My Face on That Trophy Case?

Piano Teacher, How Do I Get My Face on That Trophy Case?

Karmel Larson

Have you walked by our trophy case recently at piano lessons? Have you seen your picture? How does a student's picture end up on the trophy case? Our piano teachers have been asked this question by several students. Here is how!
First, you need to know where the trophy case poster came from. The poster came from Piano Marvel, a recently integrated feature to Piano Academy. Piano Marvel technology combines an electronic piano and a computer to help students practice the piano like never before! For more information on Piano Marvel, visit their website:
Second, you need to know what the trophy case is for. Piano Academy students are given the opportunity to set up an account with Piano Marvel. With this account, students have access to two trophy cases: the Method trophy case, and the Technique trophy case. As they progress through different levels, they are given a bronze, silver, or gold trophy depending on their score. As students move through the levels, we move their picture to show their progress! If a student doesn't have an account, or they aren't spending time on the Method or Technique trophy case, then that may be why their picture isn't featured yet.
Check out this post on how to set up Piano Marvel in your home!
Students and parents enjoy seeing their pictures move along on the trophy case, and we do too. We want every Piano Academy student to be on the trophy case if possible! If you are a Piano Academy student, and do not have a Piano Marvel account, you can sign up for one today! Just ask any of your piano teachers and they will help you.

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