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After a Recital

Karmel Larson

Most students prepare a piece for several months before actually performing it at a recital, so after the recital, many students may be thinking: "Now that I'm done with my piece, what do I do?" The weeks following a recital performance can be a great opportunity for students to review goals and set new ones for the future. It may also help students to reflect upon what they learned during the time they spent practicing the piece by asking the following questions:
1. What did I love about the song I played? Through answering this question, students can identify what aspects they enjoyed playing from their piece. This can then be used as a guide to help students find a new song they want to start working on.
2. What was challenging about the song I played? Similarly, finding out what made their old song difficult will help them in selecting new pieces. It can also be used to reflect on what things they can do differently in the future to make it easier to learn and perform their pieces.
3. What do I want to improve on and accomplish before the next recital? Our next recitals will be in February, so that gives your student just over 3 months to work toward that new goal!
4. How was my practicing? What practicing techniques could I incorporate into my practicing time? Is there any way I could increase the amount of effective time I spend practicing?
We are so proud of all our students who participated in our recitals on November 3rd! Check out our Facebook page to see group pictures from that recital!

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