Piano Lessons Blog - Regan S. - An Incredible Example of Hard Work

Regan S. - An Incredible Example of Hard Work

Work: exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.

This month's Virtue for Virtuosos is hard work. As we go throughout our day, I'm sure we've all heard something along the lines of "It's too hard," "I want it now," "Isn't there something easier," or "I can't wait that long." The principle and idea of working hard is forgotten when each of these phrases are said. Anything worthwhile in life, such as learning to play the piano, all take a lot of hard work! Work is key in being successful and we have to remember that success doesn't usually happen overnight.

Here's what F. David Stanley once said about working hard: "Great athletes are hard workers. Points, rebounds, assists, tackles, goals, and home runs are all the result of long hours of painstaking practice and hard work. The bulk of that practice will always be on your own, away from the coach. Victory is brought to pass by one’s personal diligence and commitment to hard work. The view of a champion, and the glory that surrounds him, must never be overshadowed by the long process of becoming one. There is a time of preparation and a time of victory. The second mile of hard work is what makes the difference between the exhilaration of achievement and the acceptance of mediocrity."

This month our teachers nominated Regan to spotlight as our student of the month because of her incredible example of hard work. No matter the task, Regan works hard and puts in the effort needed in order to succeed. Regan's parents shared this with us, "Regan was born with music in her soul! She loves playing the piano and dancing. She is super funny and her favorite activity this summer was girl's camp. She adores all of her teachers at UPC and looks forward to another wonderful year of practicing and performing!"

Regan has such a fun personality and we love the sweet spirit and hard work she brings in each week at lessons!

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